Ride Panzer EVO Tyre Inserts w/ 125mL Sealant

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The New GEN3L material has been developed with a clear objective: increasing the level of rim protection and extending the life of the insert itself, without negatively impacting on the insert’s weight, which is always a top priority for us.

The new material has an enormous capacity to absorb impact, and thanks to the addition of an internal reinforcement laminate its structural rigidity and resistance to deformation and stretching has been improved to 200%.


15% weight reduction and a brand new evo shape, a significant structural stiffness increase
Protects wheels rims from dings, while riding with low pressure or a flat tyre.
It doesn´t affect the way the tyre behaves or the desired air pressure either.
It doesn´t need tools or technical knowledge. You can install standard valve.
Suitable for Downhill, Enduro, XC, Racing or everyday use.


Weight: 60g (29 XC), 80g (27.5), 90g (29)

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