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Bike fitting at Cyclery Northside

We offer a range of bike fit services for all kinds of riders and bikes – road, triathlon, mountain bike and more. These range from saddle, handlebar and cleat positioning services to one-hour Retül sizings and the comprehensive three- to four-hour Retül bike fit.

You will need your bike, shoes (all pairs if you have multiples), pedals, shorts and jersey for most fit services.

What is a Retül bike fit?

The term ‘bike fit’ is thrown around quite liberally by the bike industry, with many different services labelled ‘bike fit’.

In our view there is only one true definition of a bike fit: it is a comprehensive and detailed consultation process, where real biomechanical evaluation is paired with exploration of injury history and personal goals to establish a rider’s neutral position. If it doesn’t involve this level of detail, it’s not a bike fit – it’s a bike sizing.

All Retül bike fits are conducted by appointment only in our dedicated Fit Studio. A fit takes around two to three hours for a road or mountain bike, with an additional hour or so for a triathlon/aero bike. All fits also include a free follow-up session to review your fit.

Why Retül Fit?

Retül Fit is the most effective and comprehensive approach to bike fit available today, enabling riders to maximise power, endurance, and comfort. It has been developed by Specialized in partnership with Dr. Andy Pruitt Ed.D., PA of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine in Colorado, USA.

During a Retül Fit, one of our trained specialists assesses your individual needs and systematically tailors your bike position and equipment to your body.

Our technicians do not work in isolation: they benefit from the support and knowledge of the global Retül Fit community. With a Retül Fit, you’re not just relying on one fitter’s experience – you get the benefit of a whole world of fitting expertise.

What is a Retül bike sizing?

A Retül bike sizing is a cut down version of the comprehensive Retül Fit that takes around 45 minutes. Unlike a Retül Fit, a Retül sizing only involves a limited amount of biomechanical evaluation and limited adjustment of saddle and handlebar positioning.

While our preference is to conduct a full Retül Fit, we understand that not all riders have the time or budget for this service. A Retül sizing may be more appropriate for this type of rider. We can discuss the best options with you at the time of booking.

We also offer an program under which riders can pay the difference in fees between a sizing and fit to 'upgrade' a sizing to a Retül Fit.

Sizings are included as a complimentary service for all bike purchases over $3,000. 


The Retül Müve

One of the key tools we can use during our fitting process is the Retül Müve dynamic fitting bike. This enables your fit specialist to replicate any bike position and make immediate adjustments. Once your position is established on the Müve, the details can be transferred to your bike.

We can carry out fits on either the Retül Müve or your own bike, and will discuss the best approach for you with you at the time of booking.

We also use the Müve to replicate the dimensions of any bike, meaning we can ensure you get the right size bike for you before you put down your hard-earned cash – even if we don’t have it in stock. Please get in touch if you would like to book a pre-purchase fit or sizing.

Bike fit service pricing

  • Retül Fit - road or mountain bike: $400
  • Retül Fit - TT, integrated aero or triathlon bike: $550 (additional labour costs may apply if bike needs to be recabled to adjust position)
  • RetüL Fit/Deluxe Service bundle: $500 (road/mountain bike); $650 (integrated aero/TT/triathlon bike) 
  • Retül Sizing: $125
  • Cleat fitting (Shimano/Look/Time): $40
  • Cleat fitting: (Speedplay): $60
  • Saddle fitting: $60
  • Handlebar positioning: $80
  • Hood adjustment: $40



30 Day Riding Guarantee

We are proud of our repair quality so we guarantee our service work for 30 days from completion. * This includes adjustments made to account for cable stretch, adjustments in spoke tension, or noise resulting from settling in of new components. These adjustments can be done on-the-spot with no appointment necessary.

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