Sydney’s Premier Bicycle Workshop

For more than 25 years our workshop has been providing repairs and service on all bicycles regardless of brand, make, and model.

We operate one of Sydney’s most professional and experienced repair workshop with six repair stands, suspension servicing bay, wheel building station, huge range of spare/replacement parts, and a highly experienced and professional repair team.

Our Services:

  • Major services and overhauls on all brands, makes and models
  • Minor repairs and adjustments of all your bicycle’s components
  • Professional bike builds and component installations
  • Suspension servicing and custom tuning
  • Wheelbuilding
  • Insurance quotations

Bike Assessment

Our mission with every repair is complete the appropriate repairs for the needs of the bike and rider. When you bring your bike in for any repair, you can expect an assessment and estimate that reflect your bike’s condition and intended use. Once an estimate is made it will never be exceeded without your approval.

To thoroughly assess and estimate your repair we do ask for 10-15 minutes of your time when you drop off your bike. If you are in a hurry, we will be happy to take you through your estimate over the phone.

We will make every effort to offer the quickest turnaround time possible, although we always recommend making an appointment as we get very busy during the summer months.

Workshop service fees - major services

General service: $100

The no-fuss service that keeps your bike running smoothly. Typical tasks include:

  • Inspection for wear and damage
  • Lubricate chain and other moving parts
  • Inspect and adjust headset, bottom bracket and wheel hubs
  • Wheels trued
  • Brakes and gears adjusted

Deluxe service: $140

Give your bike some serious love with a deep clean and adjustment of all key parts. The recommended annual service for performance bikes. Typical tasks include:

  • A complete General Service
  • Cassette, chain, derailleurs and cranks all degreased in an eco-friendly chemical bath
  • Frame cleaned and detailed

Premium service: $250

The mack daddy of services, designed to bring your bike back to better than new. Typical tasks include:

  • A complete Deluxe Service
  • Frame stripped down, waxed and polished
  • Bike completely rebuilt with new cables and bar tape/grips (parts additional)
  • Headset and hub bearings overhauled

Other major servicing

  • 50hr fork service: $80
  • 50hr shock service: $50
  • Drivetrain service: $80
  • Wheel building: $80 per wheel
  • High performance wheel building: $120 per wheel
  • Packing bikes for travel/shipping: $80 (includes box and packing materials)
  • Bike assembly: price on application

*Prices shown are labour charges only and do not include parts.



30 Day Riding Guarantee

We are proud of our repair quality so we guarantee our service work for 30 days from completion. * This includes adjustments made to account for cable stretch, adjustments in spoke tension, or noise resulting from settling in of new components. These adjustments can be done on-the-spot with no appointment necessary.

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